Your are NOT my friend!

Thoughts By 8 years ago

When was the last time you went to a BBQ with mates and kissed Exxon Mobil on the cheek when arriving, or shook hands with General Motors. Ever played XBOX with Hertz? We need to take a step back here and understand who doesn’t belong on social networks.

Lets first define a ‘friend’ – a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. Now lets define ‘social’, a body of humans generally seen as a community or group.

Person, affection, trust, human, community and human.

A corporate does not belong on social networking platforms as they themselves cannot socialise, or even communicate. Nor do they match any of the above keywords. Marketing and PR may disagree, but the only form of socialising that can occur, is between people.

A group of humans that work for a company have something in common, the company they work for. They have a common interest and may create a group. They can interact with each other or with people around them and form relationships and trust.

You cannot be friends with a company, and I can’t see myself going abseiling with Microsoft any time soon…

  • Fantastic Blog. Large corporations need to realise that throwing themselves into the world of social media in such an impersonal and, as you say, unsocial way is not going to gain the benefits they are aiming for.

    …and I love the banner!

  • Check out this one, an organisation that provides strategy on social media and preaches the benefits of have profiles on all the networks. Their Facebook profile, 40 friends. But their Twitter accounts have a great following. Would this be different if their Facebook represented themselves, and not their organisation. I think so.