Josh Guest

Managing Director

1st August 2011

You grumpy online bastard!

Thoughts By 6 years ago

It continues to amaze me how passionately negative people can be when they are:

  1. Online
  2. Anonymous (unless your Peter, see below)
One example that really annoyed me last month was on the release of our restaurant and venue app the Australian Good Food and Travel Guide, all the ratings were either 1 star or 5 stars. Granted we told friends of b2cloud to download the app and give it a nice rating, but my point is that I don’t believe the App is so poor its worth a star (it currently has 70,000 active users).
So I did some research on iTunes to find some answers. Firstly I filter the reviews by all versions, then sort by the most critical. The first 3 usernames include a username, Peter Schofield. I Google Peter Schofield, low and behold he works for Fairfax on iPhone applications and rates them all highly and beats up the competition. Then a quick search on the other 2 users shows them giving 5 stars to every Fairfax app, and 1 star terrible reviews to every other food, wine, travel or lifestyle app on iTunes.
So be warned, when you release a mobile application on a public marketplace be prepared for the extremely positive, the grumpy bastards and the competition!
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