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    9th August 2011

    Who should run your official Facebook Page?

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    Are you qualified to run your company’s Facebook Page? You’ve probably never asked yourself that question before. Most people will just assume “well I am on Facebook, have lots of friends, and have been working for the company for a while.” Many think running an official Facebook Page is simple – jump on when you have some spare time, post something on your Wall, respond to a few questions people have posted and you’re set. This is in fact far from reality, and people need to embrace that running a Facebook Page, much like being a customer service rep, requires time, commitment and know-how. Facebook, like all social media, doesn’t operate in your 9-5 world. People will be asking questions, posting comments, making jokes, posting spam, harassing others etc. at all times of the day, often more so on the weekend.

    You need a professional to run your page, if your serious about social media. That person needs charisma, personality, commitment and a good sense of humour – just the kind of things you would want from any friend! You need to be able to relate to your fans, share with them, personify your brand – otherwise, you are simply a faceless organisation that has no place being involved in a social network.

    So, when you’re thinking of putting your brand manager or marketing assistant in charge of your Page, make sure they will go the extra mile to make the Page a success – responding to posts on weekends, sparking engaging conversations, posting humorous links, and being open to criticism. These are some sure-fire ways to help ensure your Page is a place people want to interact with, not simply ‘Like’ once then forget about you.


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