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A little over 3 months ago I uninstalled Microsoft Outlook, after 7 years of service. With multiple email addresses, calenders and a contact list, synchronizing between my laptop, home PC, Blackberry and Itouch was onerous. So imagine the struggle I faced when migrating my Asus to a Macbook, yet another complexity in my web of device synchronization.

So Google came to the rescue. I set up a free Gmail account, prepare all my email accounts, load my Google calendar and address book, install the Google Blackberry app and Itouch settings. I’m now in the cloud. Any update from any device is instantly communicated to all other devices, everything seamlessly in Sync.

But I want to take it one step further. Last year on my travels I packed a Netbook, small, lightweight, internet ready and cheap (great if lost or dropped). Yet I found myself searching for ways to integrate my emails, IM, social media and Skype. Coupled with that, the Netbook was loaded with WIFI, so finding a hotspot was a must.

The new generation of Netbooks now have 3G installed and enabled off the shelf. Another exciting development is the integration of true cloud computing. Currently in Alpha release, Jolicloud, is a very slick OS

Sources from Jolicloud.com

Sourced from Jolicloud.com

designed especially for the travelling Netbook. It is described as “an internet operating system” that embraces two fundamental forces in modern computing: the open source and the open web. It integrates Gmail, Facebook, Reader, Twitter, Skype and almost every other network within in a clean and consistent interface.

As larger parts of our lives are stored on the web, integration of how we currently do things will require the tools to drive convergence. The operating system is the key to bringing it all together. Couple this with the growth of the Netbook, we have a catalyst for sweeping change across all forms of computing.

Keep an eye out for Jolicloud!