Using Social Media for Social Cause

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This weekend 3 Melbourne guys will be hosting “The Lame Game Marathon” a 24 hour gaming marathon of the 15 worst games ever made. Why? To raise money for the East Africa Famine. What inspired us to write a post about The Lame Game Marathon, besides seeing them woo McSteamy in the Grey”s Anatomy game, is how they have used a variety of social media outlets to promote their cause.

Anyone who has tried to organise an event or fund-raiser is all too aware of the time and money involved in trying to promote a charity and also the legal aspects of collecting funds. I spoke with the Daniel Camilleri, James Camilleri and Mark Dawes about how they used Social Media to create and promote their event, and also reduce some of the costs and legal headaches. Here are the some of the key technologies and social media sources they are using:

  • The website –
    This was built using the Tumblr framework as it was easy to manage posts and content. Any images for the sites posts are hosted through tumblr too. Besides time, their only expense here was a $30 domain name.
  • Facebook Page –
    Essential for spreading the word. The boys constantly posted updates and asked their friends to repost their posts.
  • Twitter –
    Once again, not just posting to keep up interest in the event but getting people to retweet to increase exposure.
  • Everyday Hero –
    This is an Australian initiative which allows people to create a cause and collect donations. This has been an essential tool in collecting donations in a safe, transparent and legal manner.

On of the most successful avenues of social media has been through gaming and tech blogs. By harassing Kotaku, IGN AU, and Destructoid they managed to get posts online that pushed a lot of traffic through to their site and are still managing to bring in donations from total strangers, which is fantastic!

Last but not least the boys are will be live streaming their Game Marathon on their website and you will be able to chat to the boys via Facebook and Twitter!

b2cloud are really excited by the use of all the social media sources to promote their cause. So if your a social media lover or an avid gamer then jump on the site and support the boys with a little donation. But more importantly, all of this is for a very important cause – the massive and devastating famine in East Africa, so think about how much you were going to donate and double it!