Upcoming Flagship Smartphones

Thoughts By 3 years ago

Its time of the year when most popular smartphone manufacturers are about to launch their flagship devices. In this blog I’ll be talking about the smartphones that I’m eagerly waiting for.

1. Moto X+1 – Motorola did a good job with Moto X which boost their sales to double than last year. It was well accepted by both, critics and end user. But for me it wasn’t a flagship phone at all due to it’s low end hardware and 720p display. I used it for a week and felt that this phone has some catching up to do. There were some cool features that i simply loved but at the same time if i need to choose one between Moto X and my Nexus 5, I’ll choose Nexus 5 any day. So this time my expectations from Motorola is bit high as they did a decent job with Moto X.

2. Nexus 6 – This is the phone i just can’t wait to get my hands on. Nexus 5 is one of the best phone that i have ever used. What makes it best is the stock android with no bloatware. It is still one of the fastest device available in market even after getting a year old. I have high hopes from Nexus 6 so far but the rumours are that it will have a 5.9 inch screen which I’m bit worries about as nexus series was never about phablet. One thing I’m also looking forward to with the launch of Nexus 6 is Android L. Android L is the biggest change in Android world after the Ice Cream Sandwich. Android L will surely bring a brand new feel to Android and if we want to experience it raw, there will be no better option than Nexus 6.

3. iPhone 6 – Another much awaited devices of the year. This year its bit different for iPhone users as Apple might launch an iPhone with bigger screen. If we believe the rumours, its going to have a screen size of 4.7inch with a sapphire glass. Apple usually don’t go for the best hardware in business as iOS is proven to run smoother even on older iPhones. Apple is also planning to launch their iPhone companion watch called iWatch.

4. Samsung Note 4 – Samsung has been smashed in last few years for their bad UI and use of plastic material. Samsung recently launched their first all metal device called Samsung Galaxy Alpha which gives a bit of a hope that Note 4 could have a metal body. There is not much rumours about Note 4 but we all can expect the best in class hardware. Samsung tried to improve the UI by making it bit flat but it still doesn’t look as good as other OEM’s skin for instance HTC Sense.

One more device which i would like to mention here is Xiaomi Mi4. There is a good chance that it won’t be launched in Australia, just like it’s predecessors, but you can still buy it from online stores like ebay or alibaba.

Xiaomi is known for its best in class hardware and super affordable price. The skin that Xiaomi puts on Mi devices is called MiUi. Recently they showcased the new version of MiUi6 which looks promising. Xiaomi is one of the top sellers in China and quickly spreading its network through out the world.