Two weeks with an iPhone – An Android user

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First let me introduce myself. I am an Android user and i never had an iPhone as my daily driver before. Few days back, one of my colleague advised me to try the iPhone. I thought that’s actually not a bad idea for an experiment. I used iPhone for two good weeks. In this blog, i’ll be sharing my opinion (everyone has one, so don’t get mad about it :P) and will also talk about what iPhone does better than Android and vice-versa.

Phase 1 – Setting up

iPhone didn’t let me set it up until i put a sim card in it. I have no clue why Apple force you to do so but i had to borrow a sim from one of my colleague to set it up.

Phase 2 – Importing stuff

Importing contacts and events were easy as iOS still allows you to login using your gmail account and luckily i have everything backed up on my Google account. Although, I had some hard time importing my whatsapp messages.

Phase 3 – Getting used to

For first few hours i liked everything about it but things start to change as soon as i start using it as my daily driver. Here are some key things i would like to share.

1. Screen size – I am used to using big screen Android phones and i always thought bigger screen is better until i used the iPhone. After using iPhone for 2 days i realised, it is a lot more comfortable to hold and use. I can use it with one hand and that even without much hassle.

But at the same bigger screens have some great advantages as well like better gaming and web browsing experience. At the end of the day, it comes to what you prefer. Better handling or Better experience. I wish OEMs address this and keep the screen size decent.

Winner – Android, iPhone

2. Productivity – The moment i start using iPhone i became less productive as the keyboard lacks word prediction and fast typing mechanism like swype, which Apple is trying to fix with iOS8. One of my colleague called me slow typist when i said iPhone keyboard is not good (not to mention he is an iPhone user :P) as it makes me type slow. But even i am a slow typist, my nexus 5 let me type a lot faster than iPhone and that’s what we call innovation.

Winner – Android

3. Stability and Responsiveness- I found iPhone as stable as my Nexus 5. iPhone users still have the old impression of Android being unstable and sluggish, which isn’t the case anymore. Android is as fast and as stable as iPhone so i would say its a tye now but three years back it was a whole different story

Winner – Android, iPhone

4. Animation – iPhone handles animation really well but at the same time i am not a big fan of animations till the time it adds something useful to the user experience. I want my apps to open snappy fast and don’t prefer a second long animation delay before it starts. Unfortunately, Android phones try to do the same, specially Samsung ones. But, in Android, we can use the settings (hidden by default) to change the Animation duration. I always set it to 0.5x to make my phone snappy fast. So again it’s a personal preference, you love animations and don’t mind minor delays – Go iPhone, you love snappy fast performance – Go Android.

Winner – Android, iPhone

5. Camera – iPhone that i used was iPhone 5 and i heard the image quality of iPhone 5s is better than iPhone 5 so I won’t judge it based on the image quality. I’ll rather base my opinion on the user experience. I had fun using iPhone’s camera app as it provides better user experience than any Android phone camera out there. One thing in particular i loved about iPhone camera is, i can apply filters while taking the photo.

Winner – iPhone

6. Battery – Battery on any flagship Android device destroys iPhone’s battery any day. One good thing about iPhone’s battery is that it has a great standby time but i hardly care about that and more care about the battery performance when i’m really using my phone.

Winner – Android

7. Customisation – You can hardly customise your iPhone so here we have a clear winner – Android

Winner – Android

8. Call quality – I don’t know what Apple does special with an iPhone but the call quality is way better than what i experienced on my Android phone. Is it software?, Is is hardware? – not sure but whatever it is, its working.

Winner – iPhone

9. Third party system apps – I can install third party system apps like equaliser, keyboard etc on my Android, in case, I don’t like the native ones. This is not possible with an iPhone at the moment but i think Apple is addressing the issue and soon iPhone user will be able to do that as well.

Winner – Android

Final result – Android – 7, iPhone – 5

So Android is a winner for me. I tried to be as honest as i can but at the same time we should not forget that i used iPhone only for two weeks. May be, I would have found few more better things about it, if i would have used it for little longer.

At the end of the day, it comes to your personal preference. My personal preference is still Android.

Thanks for reading!! 😀