Twitter: Britney Spears Dead

Thoughts By 8 years ago

A bad week for celebrity deaths continues to get worse, as Mashable reports that Britney Spears is in fact still alive. Earlier today her twitter was hacked, and the following posted to her more than 2 million twitter followers:

Britney has passed today. It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come.

This has since been replaced by:

Britney’s Twitter was just hacked. The last message is obviously not true. She is fine and dandy

Mashable speculates that her Twitter account may not has been hacked directly, merely one of the many aplication that can auto-post to Twitter.  With increased cross-site communication in the cloud, comes increased security risks.

This is of course not the first celebrity non-death this week, it was widely reported that Jeff Goldblum had died following another internet hoax.  That hoax even made it to Australian TV, as Crikey reports. Its not all bad though, judging by his google search stats, Jeff’s death might be good for his career.

  • Josh

    Considering tickets are going on sale all around Australia for her upcoming concert, could this be espionage?