Twitter = breaking news

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The power of Twitter as a mass broadcasting tool is obvious when news on the Amsterdam plane crash appears on the web before a breaking news headline on a any news outlet website.

Airplane crash @ Schiphol Airport Amsterdam!!

8:39 PM Feb 25th from web

Looking at crashed airplane near Schiphol…

8:40 PM Feb 25th from web

Don’t know about survivors.

8:42 PM Feb 25th from web

A lot of emergency services rushing to the scene. Still no more info. Can’t find any info on the net.

8:46 PM Feb 25th from web

It looks like the plane is shredded…

8:47 PM Feb 25th from web

I can’t make out whether there are survivors standing next to the plane or just the emergency crew.

8:52 PM Feb 25th from web

From here (few hundred metres away) the crashed plane looks to be in a very bad condition.

8:53 PM Feb 25th from web

Surreal is the right term for this experience.

8:54 PM Feb 25th from web

A lot of ambulances are arriving at the crash site.

8:55 PM Feb 25th from web

Talking to Dutch news, it’s really difficult to get close to the plane. Absolute traffic jam on the A9, which runs just passed the crash ste

9:26 PM Feb 25th from webtbn-thumb

Almost an hour after the incident, mainstream news picks up on the story.  The true power of Twitter is that every person with a computer or a mobile phone can publish live, up to the second accounts of events. Giving every person the ability to broadcast, far outweighs the reporting power and resources of a traditional media outlet. CNN picked up the story, not from local press agencies, but Twitter.