Tinder Advertising

Thoughts By 4 years ago

If the two measures of online advertising success are clicks and impressions, then the biggest untapped advertising resource is Tinder, a dating app that allows you to swipe yes or no when you see a match.

Besides Instagram there is arguably no other app that can draw the users attention to one image so quickly and effectively. The very act of looking at someone and then deciding whether you like them or not is as meaningful an impression as you can find.

When Tinder says they had over 3 billions ‘swipes’ in August alone you have to start paying attention, especially since these numbers are growing at an exponential rate.

On top of that there is something even more exciting about Tinder, which is also part of what made Grindr so popular: Location.

You, as the user, determine how far away the people you want to ‘swipe’ are, whether it is less than a mile or up to 50 miles. To determine that distance Tinder has to know your location as well.

Additionally users have their age displayed and have a choice regarding the ages of the matches, which in turn creates an even more accurate understanding of the userbase.

These insights are invaluable for businesses looking to do some targeted advertising. Online businesses wanting to tap their ideal age range can use Tinder’s age data to target them and ‘bricks and mortar’ business looking to advertise to locals in the area can use Tinder’s location insights.

Lets not forget that Tinder is mobile only, which is worth keeping in mind next time you read an article about the unstoppable rise of mobile consumption.

Right now you won’t find any official advertising on Tinder and the bosses have said they want to monetize through a freemium model,  but lets not think for one second there won’t be advertising. It is not a matter of if, it is a question of when.