The social media terrorist – be alert, but not alarmed.

Thoughts By 6 years ago

I (mostly) love Facebook. I am lucky to run the side of our business that lets me be productive by pretty much spending all day on the social network.

More and more businesses are getting on board the F-train, as well as other massive networks like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Many of these networks offer a range of business-friendly functions and features, as they realise that much of their revenue streams come through advertisements, driven mostly by – you guessed it – their business customers.

Facebook, however, seems to ignore the growing number of local and multi-national businesses utilising the network to connect with customers, attract new followers, share information about their offerings and offer discounts and benefits to page members.

My biggest gripe is with their Admin functionality. Firstly, you have to use a personal Facebook account to manage a business FB profile. You can have many page administrators, which is handy when you need several people to help manage the page, however every person has the same authority as each other. Where this becomes dangerous is that one rogue admin can remove all the other admins, thus hijacking the Page, and potentially causing a great deal of damage to a brand’s profile and reputation. Imagine if you were a large company with hundreds of thousands of followers, and one disgruntled staffer who was helping manage the page booted all the other admins, and had full control of the page. They could harass your fans, add inappropriate content, badmouth the brand or even just close the whole page down.

Sure, you could try complaining to Facebook, but they take weeks to respond to anything, and will no doubt make you jump through hoops to reclaim your page. At that point, all the damage may have been done, and you might as well start again.

So Facebook (I know you’re reading this Mark,) it’s time to clean up your act and add some useful enterprise functionality to your site. Otherwise, you risk companies looking at the other networks to connect with fans and spend their advertising dollars.

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