The next iPhone: what I want and don’t want

Thoughts By 5 years ago

There have been some things I have wanted in the iPhone for ages. I might be dreaming, but here’s a list of things I want to see, don’t want to see and things that I am not too fussed over (it would be great if they appeared but it wouldn’t change much for me).

What I want

  • Infrared. There aren’t many phones that have this, and I’m not sure why. The transmitters are extremely small. I have a Logitech Universal remote at my house and it’s great, but it’s still another remote.¬†Imagine throwing away every remote in your house and having a single remote that goes with you everywhere. In addition to the infrared transmitter, a receiver would make it possible to record signals from your existing remotes to have the phone spit them back out.

What I don’t want

  • A bigger screen. I don’t get why people go wild over large devices that you either need to use with two hands or be a behemoth. I’m looking at you, Galaxy Note… They call it a mobile phone for a reason.
  • A radically new design. A lot of manufacturers come up with a new design every year and say they’re highly innovative. If the last design was so innovative then why change it so quickly?
  • Colourful choices. Well as long as there’s still a black option I don’t care too much, I like black the best, but there’s been rumours around colourful versions of the iPhone to match the iPod Touch.

What I’m not fussed about

  • A thinner phone. I know that being thinner than a predecessor is a nice addition to add to a list of improvements, but the current iPhone 5 is already pretty thin, to the point where if it were any thinner I could probably snap it if I wasn’t being careful.
  • A lighter phone. This goes hand in hand with how I feel on thickness. In fact I think the current iPhone is too light, I wouldn’t mind it being heavier. The iPhone 4 and 4S were heavier and because of that they feel really sturdy when handled.
  • A faster processor. A faster phone is always nice, but I don’t even see lag on the 3GS I use for development (on properly developed apps of course). If there are speed problems then they should be addressed with optimised software, not by throwing a quad core at the problem. See a previous blog I wrote on this.
  • A better battery. Battery life can always be improved. I’m not so good for measuring battery life though considering my devices are usually plugged in all day long because I’m constantly testing apps on them.
  • The price. Apple devices certainly aren’t targeted for the poor. Being cheaper would be great but it’s no deal breaker for me.