The Ladies are Loving Social Media

Thoughts By 8 years ago

It is a well-known and generally accepted fact that women speak more than men. I know most of the conversations I have with my boyfriend involve me doing the majority of the talking, while he is left to interject with quiet noises of assent and the occasional short sentence.

It is as if we women are programmed to be social. We love to converse, to express how we feel, to hear how our friends and family are, what they are planning to wear to the Melbourne Cup, what they had for dinner last night and will be having for lunch today. Most likely 40% of what we say is pointless babble…

…now where have I heard that statistic before?

Of course! 40% of Tweets are considered pointless babble! Now, is it a coincidence that this statistic has arisen when a recent study has shown that women dominate in the world of social media?

This survey shows women being the more active of the sexes in social media.


Women do not dominate every site, with YouTube and Digg being two of the exceptions.


However women do come out on top in the majority of sites.

Now I am not claiming that all women tweet or use social media in a pointless babbling kind of way, rather that it does not surprise me that women are higher users of social media when we are naturally drawn to the basic concept of social media. Social media is about participating in conversation, something which comes more naturally to women than men.

Apparently this dominance in social media is not always a positive thing though. Recently I came across an reporting on a woman who was arrested for poking another woman on Facebook while under a restraining order… maybe this particular female should tone down her use of social media. Although, you have to wonder why they were FB friends in the first place.