The iPhone filter

Thoughts By 8 years ago

I have blogged several times on social media overload and being too connected. So I’m culling. Networks are becoming redundant as others converge and heighten their general status as the social norm. So as this transition occurs, I can begin to leave (can you leave?) networks.IMG_0202

Today subconsciously I found myself rearranging and deleting icons on my iPhone, the central point for my social media interactions. I have a page dedicated to social icons, which all seem to be blue or some variant of. I added Foursquare, deleted connex, moved youtube to my random application page and im considering whether I really need Skype at the touch of a finger.

I’m using the iPhone as its always in my pocket, I’m always connected. Therefore networks that I’m using on the iPhone during the day are likely an important part of my social activities. So the device acts as a filter.

This works for me, what works for you?