The future of word processors part 1

Thoughts By 4 years ago

It can be argued that the best word processor is the one you forget is even there.

It instantaneously bridges the the gap between the thoughts in your head and the words in front of you.

It is a habit, a thoughtless method of communication that has become so commonplace that any potential changes or disruptions are regularly met with confusion and the occasional hostility- think of how the different iterations of Microsoft Word were received.

When you look at the evolution of the word processor you can clearly see it demarcated by two seminal products.

1) The typewriter

2) The computer

Both product were dramatic improvements of what came before, especially in terms of speed and ease of use. They were revolutionary in their own time, forces of disruption that changed communication and commerce for good.

Yet innovation has slowed down. Despite internet speeds increasing, smartphones replacing mobile phones and email becoming the dominant way to do business and communicate, the word processor has mostly stayed the same.

By no means is this a bad thing but it isn’t a good thing either as it fails to take advantage of the incredible potential offered by these developments.