The ABC get it!

Thoughts By 8 years ago

Response to “Mark their words: the battle begins”

If you own a Playstation 3 and live in Australia, you may have noticed that 2 months ago a new icon appeared on your TV screen. Sitting neatly between the “Game” icon and the “PS3 Store” icon is ABC iView.

ABC also has one of the most useful iPhone applications, with live news, streaming, feature shows and more. Not to mention their mobile site accessible on every mobile phone.

Their TV show Hungry Beast is built on viewer and user engagement, providing an awesome platform for Australians to voice their opinions and creativity using the social web.

I’m starting to sense a theme here, ABC are well beyond the “should we use the internet” debate from 2004, and have transgressed to EVERY platform. They get it, they understand the trends in society and are reacting and delivering value. While the commercial networks are suffering tall poppy and MarcH is looking for audits, ABC are catapulting ahead.

Zoom out for a second. People don’t necessarily want to fork out $$$ on a website, there is little value proposition compared to other media outlets. Provide quality content on a mobile or home entertainment system, where only the ABC seems to be playing, and people will pay.

Playstation, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Microsoft, Apple and pretty much every other tech company offer a store to sell useful content (which may include advertising).

Follow ABC’s lead as a true innovator but rethink the revenue model, and don’t even think about slowing them down! That’s a fast track to loosing an audience and advertisers in my opinion.