2nd May 2014

Terminology for users

Thoughts By 3 years ago

Recently I’ve seen a lot of apps that seem to use technical jargon in their apps and their update release notes.

This got me thinking about how most end users actually interpret this. I asked a few regular users what they think about some commonly used terms in the app industry, and they confirmed that it’s confusing for a lot of people.

So, here’s my list of commonly used words, and some user friendly versions that are a good replacement.


Easier, faster, better, quicker

“We’ve improved the app’s usability”

“We’ve made the app easier and better than ever”


New feature, more content

“Try the new maps¬†functionality”

“Check out the new map feature”


Issue, problem

“We fixed a login bug”

“We fixed some login problems”

User interface

Look and feel

“The app now has an all new user interface”

“The app now has an all new look and feel”


Speed, fast, quick

“We’ve fixed various performance bugs”

“We’ve made the app work much faster”

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