Tablets aren’t mobile

Thoughts By 6 years ago

In the last week I have noticed a growing number of companies with a website, mobile site, iApp, Android App – the works. The problem is that I don’t think these companies actually understand how users access their digital properties.

A good candidate of not understanding happen with native apps, when the tablet version is just a high resolution copy of the phone. I get why you would do this, to save money, time and additional brain power. No one is perfect and we are also guilty of not putting enough thought into phone/tablet dual apps. Think about the end user, when they will access your app and where. IPads on couches and seated in cafe’s, Samsung Galaxy whilst walking and or driving.

Many banks have a mobile banking website, great for quickly entering your CRN and passwords into large well spaced text boxes on small iPhone/Android screens. But what with tablets? Why when I access the same website on my iPad am I presented with a mobile version when typically I would be on the couch on my iPad, rather than walking down the street.

Think about how users access your company, and invest in making the user experience relevant. Have a look at AGFG below, they have a great mix of user centric Apps (and they are a b2cloud client).