Stop butchering the App

Thoughts By 4 years ago

I attended a conference this week with a mix of attendees from government and large corporates.  The amount of times I heard the word App in 4 hours was astounding. But when I asked questions around what exactly their App actually was, in most cases they ended up describing a clunky desktop Application or a website.

Organisations are developing the same old stuff they always have, and describing their work as an App to make it ‘cool’.

Besides,  beautifully designed and well thought out Apps are cool. Apple kicked this off with the release of the App Store for mobile devices. Then Android made Apps even cooler with the launch of Google Play.

But somebody at Salesforce started describing their plugins as Apps, then WordPress started using the term. Now essentially anything IT related be it crap desktop software, to poorly built browser only experiences are using the term.

So if your so called App doesn’t work on mobile, is hardly ever used, confuses the end user, has a poor UI, requires a web browser – it in fact might not be an App.