28th May 2009

    SMART (THE AGE) Special Report, May 2009

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    Bright Ideas for business

    The Rewards of a Little Respect

    Engage your customers in meaningful relationships to earn their loyalty, writes Tanya Ryan Seggar

    Online marketing initiatives are an increasingly popular option as they are cost-effective, measurable and flexible – enabling change at short notice. 

    Vanessa Tsui, from the NSW Business Chamber says many small business owners report that the use of blogs, email newsletters and even social networking sites such as Facebook to reach customers delivers valuable advice and tips. “Marketing absolutely does not need to be costly” Tsui says. “The trick here is to be smarter with your marketing to maximise return on investment

    How to see the much bigger picture

    • Innovation is looking at the issues with fresh thinking
    • The way to drive increased performance is having people feeling liberated
    • Develop an understanding of the benefit of change – ask how the business can be improved in bite-size chunks
    • The best innovations come out of opportunities not problems
    • Constantly look around Australia and international. Get out and ask questions
    • Look at and understand your customer base and your relationship with it
    • Bring in partners to complement/enhance your business
    • Have a clear strategy
    • Understand the core competencies and play to your strengths

    SMART (THE AGE) Special Report, May 2009

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