poker on the iPad

Thoughts By 6 years ago

I like poker. In fact, I’d go so far as saying I love poker. Whether it be playing Texas Holdem on my iPhone, playing online (you can find a good list of sites at ) or playing for $20 against my mates in our semi-regular home game, poker is a perfect blend of excitement, logic, instinct and psychology (with a nice dollop of luck always helping.) I would love to create an iPhone/iPad application that allows the iPad to be used as the central playing board where cards are automatically placed, with individual player cards being dealt to each iPhone. Users can control all their betting and view their cards from their own iPhone, and view the other player’s bets and chip stacks and the communal cards (flop, turn and river) on the iPad in the middle.
You could all choose to ‘buy in’ using your credit card or PayPal account, and choose to ‘cash out’ whenever you liked, with your chips being credited back to your account. This would certainly add a new dynamic to home games, but then a large element of the game would be lost if everything relied on technology rather than human actions. The other issue is that Apple would never allow an app that allowed users to win or lose money into their app store.
I think this would be a fun app to see, but will it be around any time soon? Don’t bet on it.