Peace and quiet, the crowdsource way

Thoughts By 6 years ago

If done well, crowdsourcing is brilliant! The act of outsourcing a task to a community that returns value through information. Encyclopedia is the 20th centuries example of Insourcing, and Wikipedia the inverse.

So…. We want to build a network of crowdsourced information with contributions from anyone, and the output available to everyone. So what to build?

During yesterdays weekly Pizza Blog session I presented an idea to our b2cloud’ers, its an iPhone App called 2Sense. Use the iPhones light and sound measurement capability to measure whether a cafe is dark and noisy, restaurant bright and quiet. Then share these results with the world.

The name 2Sense comes from the idea of the app using two of a humans five senses (sound and sight), and also the the phrase “Giving my two cents”, sharing your findings with the world.

Here is how it works, sit inside a cafe/office/bar etc and press the sample button. For the next 10 seconds the Phone will sample the ambient light being captured by the camera, and the sound captured by the microphone in decibels. Both are averaged and given a score on a scale of 1-10 and a time/date stamp is added.

Then the Phone will do a reverse geographic lookup based on the users GPS location, then look for local businesses or key points of interest to link the sample to.

Then all the information is posted to a global database of sampled locations from all the users, which can also be navigated on the iPhone.

I think this could provide some interesting data for other services and apps.

What are your thoughts?