My Social Media Path

Thoughts By 8 years ago

As I see it this is the path for me so far…..

2001 – Year Seven

When I was in my early years of high school, chat rooms were the go, you would go online, chat with complete strangers with bizarre names from all over the world, until your parents would walk in, decide that what you were doing was dangerous and ban you from the computer.

2003 – Year Nine

Then within a few years it was made possible for me to search for my friends online using MSN, you’d type in their email address and instead of spending hours on the phone to one friend all night, you could talk to numerous friends at the one time.

2006 – Year Twelve

Fast-forward a few more years and sites like Myspace and Facebook popped up and you could write public comments on your friends walls, invite people online to your next birthday party, share photos and the list goes on.

2009 – 1st Year out of Uni

Add another couple of years and we are in the now. Social media is an ever-increasing part of my life with the kasino skeleton based on the early experiences and the web getting thicker and thicker.

My iPhone has applications that connect me with my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Gmail and Google Calendar, these are all then synced with my computer so any time something is added to one, it shows up in the other. My RSS feed is updated everyday with posts from expert strangers writing about the topics I am interested in. I went on my first business trip away from home by myself and didn’t feel one bit homesick as I Skyped my friends and family every night for hours and felt like I had spent the whole night with them.

To me, this just shows me how quickly this technology is moving. In my 21 years on this planet the www has gone from a scary world, where my parents were worried by me talking to strangers, to a familiar world where my friends faces are popping up on my screen and I am showing them around my hotel room using the web cam on my laptop.

I sometimes wonder if this is how far we’ve come in the last 8 or so years, where will it be when I’m 30? Nothing I can think of has changed at such a rapid pace, in my lifetime anyway. Even more important what will be the impact on our world and lives from the future progression of web 2.0?