2nd September 2014

My Facebook advertising experience (Part 2)

Thoughts By 2 years ago

A couple of weeks ago I posted a part 1 about my experience advertising with Facebook. The first campaign was advertising the lite version and monitoring both the lite and paid version downloads.

After the first campaign ended, I created a new campaign advertising the paid version.
As with the first campaign, this was also 2 weeks long at $6 a day.

The results

Here’s my download comparison graph vs. the average number of downloads I experienced before the campaign.

paid graph

Similar to the first campaign I ran, the data tells me that my advertising didn’t have much impact on downloads. In fact overall it seems downloads were lower than normal. Of course there are more factors in play than just my advertising campaign.

Raw data

  • 2 week campaign
  • $6 a day
  • $0.59 max bid per click
  • $0.19 average┬áper click
  • 1.8% click through rate
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