My Facebook advertising experience (Part 1)

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In my own time I manage a few small personal apps on the AppStore. One of them is somewhat popular, and up until recently I hadn’t done any marketing or advertising at all for the app.

I had never really considered it, however speaking to one of the guys at work got me thinking about trialing some Facebook ads, marketed specifically to the people that would have an interest in my app.

The app I’ve got has a lite and paid version. I planned to run two campaigns back to back to test linking to each via ads.

The first campaign was 2 weeks long at $6 a day (these are small apps remember). The campaign is still currently running with a few days left, but I’ve collected enough data to show how effective it has been in my scenario.

I’m also no advertising guru, so these results will most likely differ from your own advertising campaign.

The results

Here is a graph comparing downloads in comparison to my average over the few weeks before the campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.26.16 am

In a nutshell, the data said there was a slight increase in lite version downloads (very small) and a decrease in paid version downloads (during this time I was only advertising the lite version).

Note that the spikes align perfectly with weekends, so in summary I didn’t see any positive impact in advertising my lite version.

My data is obviously a bit shallow, if I had a huge advertising budget then I would be able to get much better data and probably many more downloads, but if you’re an indie developer with your own project then this is something to consider.

Check back in a couple of weeks and I’ll share the results of advertising the paid version of the app.

Raw data

  • 2 week campaign
  • $6 a day
  • $0.75 max bid per click
  • $0.15 average┬áper click
  • 2% click through rate