Happy 2012! This is what happened in mobile.

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2012 saw the fast pace, ever changing, legal battling and market dominating world of mobile take things to a new level. Here are the 3 biggest things that happened in mobile.

Android beats Apple

Samsung was proud to announce on several occasions that their Galaxy range of phones had outsold Apple. This is true, but a better measure for me is the adoption of Apps and downloads by platform. This determines the deep engagement a consumer has with their phone/tablet. Android is the clear winner this year and have broken the 50/50 split we saw earlier in the year.


Windows hits the market

In July I played down Microsoft’s role in mobile. I also made comments around Nokia backing the wrong horse. Turns our I was wrong and the Nokia 920 was a hit and has sold out in most stores with back orders in the weeks. Also based on the numbers of App downloads above, there has been a huge surge from 1% of total App Downloads in June 2012 to 7% in October 2012. We now have a real contender in mobile, well done Microsoft and Nokia!


Tablets got competition

At this years Google I/O conference I got my hands on a 7 Inch tablet, and it made sense. It was powered by Android, snappy, easy to hold and best of all cost competitive. Soon Apple followed with their version of a small tablet with the iPad Mini. The tablet market which was dominated by Apple, now sees them with 68% market share, followed by Samsung and their Galaxy Tab range quickly growing with 9.6% market share. 2013 will be very interesting and expect Apple to have a similar Tablet market share as it does in smartphones.