MI6 and Facebook

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The recently announced chief of the MI6 Sir John Sawyers, had his personal profile exposed

on Facebook. As the chief of one of the most sophisticated intelligence organsations, he joked of the severity of the security claims by saying “

MI6 Chief playing frisbee on the beach

so you know I wear  swimming trunks, big deal”

His wife, Lady Shelley Sawyers had setup a Facebook account, without enabling security features. This exposed information including friendships with senior diplomats, actors and family.  It took an article written by the Daily Mail to alert  both MI6 and the Foreign Office to the information.

Messages on Shelley’s Facebook wall included “Congrats on the new job, already dubbed Sir uncle ‘C’ by nephews in the know” and “Fantastic photos Shelley! Exciting news about John’s new appointment”.

Her Facebook page also included holiday photos, birthday photos, friends comments, personal posts and where they live. This is a problem as MI6 operatives are not supposed to discuss their positions with anyone, even close family. The Facebook page was removed as it “could potentially be useful to hostile foreign powers or terrorists “