15th July 2009

Melbourne Entrepreneurs Meetup 7/7/09

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On Tuesday 7th July some of the team from b2cloud attended the social networking discussion run by the Melbourne Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. It was held at a pub on Spencer Street, after work (around 6:15pm).

The atmosphere was engaging, all participants were in a circle and it had a warm feeling to it. There were all different types of personalities there, the loud ones that kept the conversation going, the witty ones that would occasionally present a summary on their views, the quite ones observing, the ones that had come there with a specific question in mind and me with my notepad, writing and learning.

People came from all different walks of life, some were PR professionals, others owned small online business’, others were interested in how social media could enhance their business offerings.

It seemed like the underlying issue throughout the whole discussion was how to build credibility online. There was talk of different sites and where people were more themselves online.

The use of characters (Avatars) to create an online personality and whether this would gain trust. How much you can tell what a person is really like online? how to build trusting relationships on this forum and how not to lose them? Whether an individual or an organization is more credible online and what gains more interest?

There was also good discussion on the trend of peer reviewing to overcome credibility online, and the reassurance of “mutual friends”.

Overall the meet up was very good, and if anything I walked away with some great areas to research and blog on in the coming weeks.

For more information on the Melbourne Entrepreneurs Meetup Group, visit http://www.meetup.com/christopartners/


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