Marketing with Facebook

Thoughts By 8 years ago

Companies are constantly looking for ways to incorporate social media into their marketing mix.  A classic example is the development of Facebook applications and the like to connect with users. The most successful are games, where users can compete with one another and have their scores published on their profile (usually their public wall).  Other popular social games include Green Spot and Aura Feint.

Recent commentary by discussion forum suggests that Facebook is the logical platform for growing the customer base of one of the most successful MMO games, World of Warcraft. Although there are over 11 million active gamers, a logical growth strategy for a social game is social networks. Ultima Online is the first company to incorporate online gaming into the Facebook community. These games are highly addictive to players, and rely on the social status and hierarchy that Facebook inherently provides.Prototype

There are promotions that use social media to promote their brand, without developing an application. A neat example is for an upcoming game, Prototype. Go to their website and login to your Facebook account. The trailer for the game includes information from your Facebook profile and photos of your friends, you feel a part of the game. The graphics are great and the promotion is highly engaging. Thanks to Austin Chesterfield for sending through the link.

Give it a try!