Java to Android

Thoughts By 3 years ago

It’s a been a month since I dived into Android development. The journey so far has been very exciting and entertaining.

I have worked in Java for 3 years so I did not struggle with the language and writing code. This helped as I was able to instead focus on other issues such as user experience and design patterns specific to mobile development. Making Android apps is a completely different ball game compared to using Java for enterprise solutions. There are different constraints while you are making Android apps such as latest design patterns, screen size, limited processing capabilities(we can argue on that) and the user experience.

I started development using Android studio as an IDE and followed Android documentation for setting up the environment and getting started for building apps. The documentation is really helpful and it teaches you from the basics. I didn’t have much issues following the documentation (may be my Java experience helped me a bit here).

In the last I/O Google released their first official video tutorial for making Android apps. I started that series but probably will take some time to go through all of them. This video is only helpful for those who have prior knowledge of Java because Google has put more focus on structuring the app and using right patterns rather than writing code.

Check out this space next week for more on the official Android tutorial.