It’s here, Glass and Wearable Computers

Thoughts By 4 years ago

The incredible pace that the world moved away from the desktop to the mobile, is about to happen once again. There were a few clues that this might happen last year, you might remember the Pebble Kickstarter and Sergey Brin’s mates jumping out of planes wearing Google Glass at Google I/O.

The age of the wearable computer for the consumer has begun. Some of the worlds largest companies are rumoured to be working on wrist style computer including Samsung, Microsoft and Apple. Google glass has pioneered a head mounted computer in the form of a pair of glasses with a display the equivalent of a 25 inch HD screen viewed from 8 feet away.

The reality is that these screens are smaller than we have ever experienced. They provide much less information, but in a far more timely and accessible manner. Content providers who haven’t caught up optimising their content for mobile and Apps are about to be pushed even further behind.

Glass for example will allow a content provider to display 6 words comfortably to the wearer, which would be pushed to 15 at a maximum.

Think headlines, subject lines and small snippets of important information that drives a user to engage on their smartphone.. Make use of audio, location, imagery – things that can communicate much more information on a small screen.

The same methodologies will apply to watches, so its critical to begin thinking about the content served to customers in a new ‘stylesheet’.

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