Josh Guest

Managing Director

8th March 2012

iPad 3 – “New iPad”

Thoughts By 5 years ago

This is an email sent to our clients on launch of the New iPad today

You may have heard that a “New iPad” (that’s the name) was released overnight. This will impact clients with native iPad apps. The major differences are:

1. High resolution screen with 4 times more pixels than the iPad 2. This means that pixels cannot be seen visually by the user, similar to the upgrade from the iPhone 3 to iPhone 4.

2. The new screen requires a more powerful processor to drive the additional pixels. It is an A5, the same as the new iPhone 4GS. It is known to consume more power.

3. The iPad has 4G compatibility, this is currently offered by Telstra in City centers and airports around Australia. Networks in EU, Asia and US are upgrading to the new protocol which offers much higher download speeds. We recommend not increasing data requirements of apps for the iPad or Android Nexus devices.

I will be in contact with everyone individually shortly to discuss updates to Apps to accommodate the new iPad.


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