iOS 6 Review

Thoughts By 5 years ago

iOS 6 has been out for nearly a week now and it’s been pretty good, but not everything is fantastic. I’m going to outline some of the things I love and some of the things I hate about iOS 6:

The love

While I haven’t used this yet I can see a huge advantage to this, considering it’s automatically on every iOS 6 device. Finally say goodbye to the wallet.

Do not disturb
Although I was rarely affected by apps running rampant with notifications while I was trying to sleep, there was one that was really driving me nuts. Of course I just turned off all notifications for that app, but now with iOS 6 you can toggle or schedule “do not disturb”, which blocks sounds, vibrations and phone calls when turned on. You can also always allow phone calls from certain people, everyone, and also when the same person calls twice within 3 minutes.

When reminders first came out on iOS 5 I wasn’t sure I would actually use it, but it’s actually become one of my most used apps. iOS 6 has finally fixed all the small issues I had with it, such as not being able to enter a custom address (previously arrival/departure addresses could only be used if it belonged to a contact).

Quick reply
If you’re busy and get a phone call you can now reply straight from the home screen with quick presets, such as “I will call you back later”.

New designs
The facelift given to some of the default apps is quite nice, not much more to say.

Although I’m not much of a Facebooker, this will be useful for a lot of people.

The hate

New app store
Although the designs look good, I can’t stand the panning. A table was a lot quicker when you’re browsing through looking for something specific or just trying to find something new. This is worse again on search where its one app per page, which takes forever when the app you want is at the end of a 100+ app list…

You can’t really blame anybody for this, but I’ll mention it anyway. Apple’s contract with Google ended, so now they can’t ship YouTube with iOS anymore. Google’s new version looks ok, but it’s not that great. They try to cram comments into half of your screen and you can’t adjust the scrubbing rate of your video anymore.

The unsure

I’m on the fence with maps. 3D is fun and I think the maps visually look a bit better, however they aren’t nearly detailed enough, and the satellite images aren’t that great (I don’t know why Apple doesn’t get these from the same place as Google). At the moment I’d prefer to have Google maps back, hopefully this is just a short term symptom of Apple being map noobs at this point, and they fix it.

iPad clock
The iPad finally is a clock app, which is good, but why was this left out for so long…?