HURRY!! iOS 7 is almost here

Thoughts By 4 years ago

This week the beta 3 update of iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad was released to developers.

This will be the second time in Apple smartphone history where an App will require a re-design. Here is what happened with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6:

  1. An announcement is made of a new iPhone and OS
  2. The b2cloud team analyise the developer briefs and informaiton on the device
  3. We release a statement in the form of a letter to our customers, and a blog post to the world (
  4. During the next couple of months, we hear chatter out and about with statements like “Well my App will work on iPhone 5, it will just have a letter box around the app. No point doing an update, ill just leave it”
  5. Within days of the release of the iPhone 5, internet traffic globally spikes with downloads of iOS 6 and millions of iPhone 5’s sold in the first couple of days. (in fact within 12 months, 94% of iOS users were on 6)
  6. Within a couple of weeks, Apps without updates to accommodate the iPhone 5 are deleted by users, downloads decline and App store features are no longer possible
  7. b2cloud switchboards are swamped with urgent requests to update Apps
iOS 7 was announced 5 weeks ago, if you haven’t started re-designing your interfaces yet you MUST start now.