How to get WWDC tickets before the rest

Thoughts By 4 years ago

WWDC tickets went on sale a couple of days ago. If you’ve followed the details on this, you’d know that all 5000 tickets sold out in less than 2 minutes.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on tickets, partly because I came prepared. I’m going to share my tips and strategies on what contributed to my ability to get tickets.

Autofill your password

A lot of people said they got caught up in the process of typing in their details. Even if you consider yourself the world’s fastest typer, nothing can beat the single click. Look at the domain the tickets page is on and make sure you’ve got autofill details for it.

Bookmark the page

You need to get there before everybody else. Everybody will be bookmarking, so you need to keep up with the rest.

Have good internet

This one nearly got me, my internet started playing up just before the tickets went out. If your internet is consistently bad, consider buying them from another network.

Have your credit card details ready

I pre typed my credit card number, expiry and verification code into a text editor ahead of time. By doing so, I don’t need to worry about typing out or double checking numbers as I’ve already done it. Have the credit card number handy on your clipboard so you can slap it in there as quick as possible.

Know the date

Obvious, but it had to be mentioned. Use a time converter if you’re in a different timezone.