How to become a model online

Thoughts By 6 years ago

I had good laugh this morning when I read post “Roland Bunce wins Next Top Model”, followed by a photo of a chubby red headed 24 year old. Roland is not your typical model, and with his 71,000 votes he just pipped the beautiful Jade by a mere 70,910 votes. The faces of the contest organisers when votes closed would have been priceless!

What is the moral of the story? The power of crowds is unstoppable. Simply start a Facebook page that is appealing (underdog winning a beauty contest) and share it with friends who will share it too. Soon it will hit the tipping point and traditional media picks up on the story exposing the cause the the masses and your done. The Roland B fan page ( and its 1677 follows were the catalyst.

This was a legitimate vote that was won fair and square. But what happens when our underground friends at 4chan step in? They have the power to send Justin Bieber to North Korea 🙂


Last July Justin Bieber’s management posted a contest to determine where he would perform based on an internet crowd vote. The anonymous 4chan network posted a banner with the words “he’s doing a world tour thing where anyone can vote on any country. Great news, We’re trying to send him into North Korea. They’ll love him there”.

Considering North Korea blocks internet access to most citizens, its unlikely that in the last 15 hours of voting the count went from 100,000 to 600,000 from legitimate North Korean voters.

The web is a great place to get crowd support – unless you are in the sights of the anonymous 4chan.