How can Social media improve your life?

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I was talking with Josh today and we discussed the realm of social media and the fact many find it overwhelming. Then we came up with a single question that could give people an interesting way to research Social media, a question that could make navigating through all the sites much more interesting. How can Social media improve your life? (The answer to a more obvious question Can Social Media improve your life will be inadvertently answered.) Assuming you are optimistic about the potential of social media, read on.

You’re a school history teacher. You get up in the morning at about 6am. You shower, change, eat breakfast, look over some notes and catch the train into school. Do you stop to buy a paper and catch up on the news? Do you fall asleep on the train or read a book?

When you get to your desk do you make a cup of coffee and stare at your desk before leaving to your first class or do you switch on your computer and read up on the various news feeds coming through? Do you browse over some articles on relevant subjects on your favourite history blogs? Do you converse with fellow history teachers on such a blog and learn new and interesting ways of dazzling your students with facts and figures on Napoleon?

Maybe Social Media wouldn’t seem so overwhelming if it was seen as merely another tool? Another way of communicating with a larger community in order to advance your career, social life, knowledge of a work or hobby related subject. We would like to find out how others use social media to better their lives maybe this will inspire people who are afraid to sign up to sites and explore the possibilities?

How can social media improve your life if you’re a:

– doctor
– musician
– electrician
– politician
– HR manager
– Marketing manager

  • I guess you could call me a marketer, and it has taken me some time to incorporate social media into my day. In the past (4 years ago) when i was only signed to Facebook and Linkedin, I would login to procrastinate while at work, nothing more than a time waster. I’m a big news reader, so my next step was RSS. I check it more regularly, and now its habit for me when I boot my computer in the morning to check my feeds. My blackberry is loaded with software, so during ‘nothing time’ like train travel, I will give them a read.

    Today I use certain networks at different times of the day. RSS and blogs in the morning (usually at home), twitter and blogs when I get to work, yammer throughout the day, Linkedin before i go home, facebook twice a week out of hours, weekly, monthly. There are a handful of others that I have not worked out how to fit into my day yet. I have no doubt this will all change by years end…