How Apple saved thousands in their new iPad production line!!!

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My rant tonight is about Apple, again !

So the new iPad was released about two weeks ago and on the release weekend they sold 3 million devices. Goodness knows how many they’ve sold since then, but lets just stick to the stats we have.

I opened my iPad box and tried to insert my Mico SIM into the device to get my 3G running (it’s very annoying that we don’t get 4G on the iPads here in Australia).  So like the rest of you, I took out the pin to open the slot but somehow its harder than usual. I think to myself, “What could be different, huh?”

Oh, guess what !!! The pins of the new iPad are NOT the usual slick-designed one piece pins that we’ve always had since the first iPhone release. Its literally a wire pin bent into the shape of a pin, and because it doesn’t have a joint corner, it bends and its harder to use !

Left – iPhone 4S , Right – New iPad

Lets do the maths, just say Apple sold 3 million new iPads and the manufacturing cost for the new pins is $0.01 less than manufacturing the beautiful old ones (which we know is definitely more than that):

3,000,000 x $0.01 = $30,000  …

Now I’m sure if Steve Jobs were around he wouldn’t have let them do something like this. Is $30,000 really a significant amount for a company like Apple ?

I’m not 1 in 3 million to have trouble using the pin and I wonder how many people out there have noticed this.