14th April 2013

Google IO 2013 Predictions

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I was lucky enough to score myself a last minute ticket to Google IO for the second year in a row which, as anybody who put their hat in the ring for a ticket knows, was an extremely frustrating experience. Soon after I shouted the good news from the roof top (yeah I’m like that) I started to hear a lot of comments about being lucky because I’ll be getting a pair of Google Glass. While I doubt I’ll be leaving San Fran with a shiny new pair of Google Glass to call my very own, I did put some thought into what Google might have in store for us.

So without any further ado here are my predictions for Google IO 2013.

  • Release of the next version of Android – Key Lime Pie
  • Each Attendee will get a Nexus 4 with Key Lime Pie pre-installed
  • Each Attendee will get a refreshed Nexus 7
  • Another big push for Chrome OS with Attendees getting and entry level ChromeBook
  • Google Glass will play a large part of the keynote and Google will set up an “experience booth” to give Attendees a chance to experience Google Glass up close and personal. 
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