Google Glass – How to get involved

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Over the last 4 months b2cloud has been busily building Google Glass Apps for the most forward thinking companies in Australia. Not to mention the neat little Apps we have developed for demonstration at events around Australia including Glass Tabs – Learning guitar through Google Glass.

Gartner market reports for 2013 suggest wearable technology and the evolving relationship between humans and technology will explode.

Investing in wearables

Why is Google Glass such an important step in mobile? A year and a half ago when we became involved in the Google Glass program, wearable technology was a new term and included a couple of key devices including the successful Kickstarter Pebble Watch and Google Glass. Since then the number of wearable devices has gown exponentially and companies looking at the next mobile are investing now in these technologies.





Let me answer the most common question we hear from customers, why invest for Apps in wearable technology? Rewind 3 years years where the most question was why should we invest in a mobile App? Today with over 90 Million Apps downloaded every month in Australia and Smartphone adoption hitting the 60% mark in the population, the most successful companies are innovating in mobile and are well into the second generation of Apps. Beyond the “we have an App” mentality, to really considering and refining the motivations and user experiences for the customer.


Preparing for wearables

The form factor of smart watches and Glass mean the content delivered must be small, relevant and smart. Without giving away our client work on Glass, each and every Glass App started with a mobile App. Each Glass App lives symbiotically with its mobile sister, delivering short snippets of content to the user.



  • A retail organisation could let a customer book an in store appointment, they would then use Glass to alert staff that the customer has entered the store, and provide details on who to look for. As a user I want to be greeted as soon as I enter the store  so I feel welcome.
  • A logistics company that already uses a tablet to provide information about stock on shelves, has a very hands on experience. As a shelf packer, I could wear Google Glass to provide directions and details on missing items on shelves. Best of all I could pack a shelf hands free whilst wearing Glass.


Don’t begin broken

A slide I often present on the next mobile is titled don’t begin broken. What does this mean:

Strategically as an organisation you need to be planning native Apps first in a digital strategy. PC sales are in decline, native mobile Apps provide the link to the next mobile.

Technologically Apps must be native, extremely well written and prepared to integrate into third party technologies. Poorly written cross compiled web Apps have no chance and are a broken short term investment.


So how do you start?

Keep in mind Google Glass is still in early stage development. Investments in this platform today can gain a quick ROI from a publicity standpoint. Being the first in the world or in an industry. Longer term, preparing for Google Glass today and ensuring strategically and technologically the foundations are strong will be a great head start.

Demand for Google Glass Apps is high, so contact us today to discuss a future mobile strategy and how to get started on Google Glass and wearables.


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