Getting to grips with Twitter: Part 2

Thoughts By 8 years ago

The statistics I mentioned in my last post, and my confusion of the past few days have got me thinking again. Maybe they also point out that Twitter is not really that accessible to new users? People seem to sign up, poke around and then give up or are just more content to read from afar than participate. Or perhaps they are like me, a bit timid and shy in this alien world, like a foreigner in need of a Lonely Planet guide to Twitter.

One thing is glaringly obvious, patience is not a virtue in Twitter, patience is dead, left by the wayside on the road to Instant Gratification. This is the double-edged sword of Twitter. Real time versus disposability. The beauty of real time search and updates on Twitter is fantastic. Being able to instantly find out about real time issues, traffic jams, bush fires, civil unrest, breaking news, no more reading about it in the newspaper the next day or constantly trawling through the net, if you are following the right people (or get it RT’ed by the people that are) you’ll know as soon as the information is pushed to your Twitter account or you run a search. The other side to the sword are Tweets disposability. Things aren’t new for long and are quite easily lost in the pure volume of Tweets – more accurately think flock of screeching Cockatoos.

For me the jury is still out, further research required. Is Twitter the be all and end all for Social Media, of course not. As the technology evolves it will be merged with something else to make something new. After all Twitter is still just a way of delivering a message. But I must say, the more I am using it the more I am at least understanding a little of the hype and like many things in life it seems that the more you put into Twitter the more you’ll get out of it.

  • Nicely said! Often when i don’t check my twitter for some time I feel completely out of the loop, unable to catch up and overwhelmed with information. Then I find myself getting up to date with everyone else’s tweets, and run out of time for my own. Im still trying to find the right balance.