A new mailbox?

Thoughts By 4 years ago

Using an alternative mail client on my Mac was not an easy decision. It feels in a lot of ways like a betrayal, a slap in the face of habit and tradition.

In fact, besides the operating system itself, it was the only piece of Apple software I was still using on my computer. There was something in it that just felt right, something almost personal.

You could describe Mac Mail as an old beaten down car that sometimes gets a fresh paint. Despite the occasional update it is still a mostly ineffective and inefficient tool for managing multiple emails from multiple inboxes in a timely and orderly fashion.

While I have flirted with the idea of moving mail clients I had never entertained it as anything more than an illicit fantasy that should be stored at the back of my good puritan mind. That was until I accidentally opened  the Mac App Store (which I never open) and saw some strange looking mail software on top of the most popular list.

Curious! I shouted, unaware that this app even existed until now. Despite priding myself on staying ahead of all tech news I had never even seen it before, an error I completely blame on my subconscious for trying to protect my sanctity and purity.

My response was to immediately download it, especially since it had all the buzzwords I was looking for: minimal, fast, efficient, design etc. But I didn’t download it. I’m not sure why but for I went right back to Mac Mail, proud of my loyalty but upset I was giving it another chance when it has disappointed me so many times.

But the temptations only kept growing, stronger and stronger, as the forsaken Mac Mail continued to slow down my computer and operate an alarmingly slow pace. Messages weren’t arriving, emails weren’t sending, it looked as if the old bird was finally ready to kick the bucket but of course it didn’t and I continued using, like I always do. Until I couldn’t handle the teasing anymore.

I quickly downloaded Airmail and put it to use. Next week I will let you know how it went.