Fake followers

Thoughts By 5 years ago

A colleague who shall remain nameless was telling me today that his friend was able to win a competition by sourcing fake Facebook accounts from overseas. This wasn’t for a few votes, but hundreds and this story isn’t uncommon. Creative agencies often back their campaigns onto a Facebook, Twitter or Youtube authorisations so they can increase their margins (doesn’t cost much to do) and more importantly the trust in these platforms to have methods for blocking our multiple votes, unauthorised users, hacks etc.

Over the last few years its become clear that there is no way to stop fraudulent accounts with tech. We all know the CAPTCHA code, that stupid scrambled image at the end of a form that is almost impossible to read. Somehow even the b2cloud blog which used a CAPTCHA got over 1200 spam comments a month.

So that got me wondering, how many fraudulent users are out there created for a competition vote, video like etc?

Turns out 44% of the 4.5 Million @Facebook followers on Twitter are fake.

Check out this tool – http://fakers.statuspeople.com/ – and see how many of your Followers are fake.