Don’t forget to promote an App!

Thoughts By 6 years ago

I’m not sure how many P’s there now are in the marketing mix today, however don’t make the mistake of most App publishers on the Apple, Android or Windows App stores by ignoring promotion.

So let’s start with 4 – Product, price, place and promotion. The first three are not usually an issue (in most cases), where the product is a small piece of mobile enabled software, its priced at anything between free to freemium to $5 and finally its found on an App Store and not the supermarket shelf.

Promotion is usually the downfall of 99% of apps that never crack the tipping point of the likes of Angry Birds. Consider this, if you do reach a top list or even a front page feature on a vendor store you will guarantee yourself 10,000 or more downloads in a single day. To get there in the first place, here a some simple tips:

  • The development of the App should account for between 25-50% of the overall cost of the development. A $28,000 development cost should be stacked or exceeded by another $28k in promotional and other marketing investments
  • Consider how the promotional budget is allocated to reach the target market. We are building an App now to assist real estate buyers, so naturally an advertisement in an investment publication would be a better spend of advertising $
  • Often we see micro sites built to support an App. Consider the purpose of this, and if it is to be used to drive download traffic think about how to drive traffic to the website (SEO, Adwords). It may make more sense when the App has more exposure
  • Don’t discount your own networks for low cost marketing. Setup a Facebook page, tell your friends about it and ask them to Like it. Use LinkedIn, Twitter and spend time generating interesting content. The cost is little more than time, you could even run a contest.
  • Be creative, use some wow factor to draw attention to your App. You might remember the GuyPhone which was used to generate mass interest for the b2cloud developed Australian Good Food and Travel Guide (AGFG) App. A press release was written about the GuyPhone, sent to the media and then its featured on MacWorld.
Hopefully these tips help, and remember don’t forget the very basics of the marketing mix, especially promotion!