Does My Business Need a Mobile Website?

Thoughts By 5 years ago

“Does my business need a mobile website?” It the wrong question to ask. The better one you should be ask yourself now is “can my business afford not to have a mobile website?”

Nowadays, if you still don’t have a mobile version of your business website,  you’re very likely losing a great number of potential customers without even knowing it.

Just think about this for a minute,  more than half of all Australian adults use a smartphone, according to recent findings.  Ninety percent of those smartphone owners say they use the device to check email and surf the web. That’s not counting people who use other mobile devices, such as tablets, to access the web.

With huge amount of internet traffic shifting to the mobile, it’s reasonable to think small businesses are starting to  developing mobile compatible websites. But you’d be wrong. Statistics shows only 20 percent of small businesses have a mobile website.  That should really rings a bell to us– especially for local businesses.

Take, for example, a recent excursion I had with a friend in Melbourne CBD. We were on the move, iPhone in hand, looking for a particular restaurant — (not be disclosed) — to grab a bite to eat. As usual, I found the restaurant website on google  and opened it in the safari. However, all I saw was a big white screen and nothing else.

No contacts information, no opening hours and of course, no business from me.

Therefore, it’s really important for business owners to think about how their website displays on smartphones and tablets with more people and more people  using their mobile devices to access information about companies. If content isn’t easy to read and access on a smaller screen, customers might go to the next shop down the block instead.