Disposable services

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I hate when sites that I don’t care about require my personal information. Usually people just fill the fields with fake information.

Sometimes sites will want you to confirm an email address or a phone number, which can make this process tricky if you don’t want to give that out.

There are services out there that are just for this. Instead of using your real email or phone number you can use one of theirs and see the messages that were sent to them.


Disposable email services let you specify your own email address to receive messages. For example, NoSpamForMe@mailinator.com. Here’s some popular services for disposable email:


It gets a little trickier here. Some sites will call you and speak a code for you to enter to confirm your phone number. These disposable services let you listen to an audio replay of what was said to a call to one of their numbers.


Similar to the phone, sites may send you a confirmation code.