Digital editions

Thoughts By 6 years ago

I typically purchase magazines when I travel as they have a great selection at the airport, and I have ample time to read them cover to cover on the plane. Last week I was in transit to New Zealand and splashed out $18 for a copy of this months Harvard Business Review with cover headline “Build a culture of trust and innovation – COLLABORATE”. This is very topical to our team at b2cloud, colleagues and clients.

Fantastic read, great imagery and exceptionally written. To the point where I wanted to share particular quotes and articles with my network. But its printed on paper, and it doesn’t include a share button! 

As soon as the seatbelt sign is switched off, on goes the iPhone and I enable the camera to start snapping photos of the pages, attach to emails and send. I have an App called Docscanner which allows me to straighten pages and enhance text which works well.

This situation presents an opportunity for publishers to provide paid customers of a magazine access to a digital edition, where articles can be sent online using a code printed in the magazine.

Do any publications offer a service like this?