Damn you Tom Tom!

Thoughts By 3 years ago

This post is a bit of a rant.

For the last 3 months I have been an Android user. I spent a couple of weeks app-by-app shifting all my data away from proprietary Apple services, to cross platform ones. Most of the Apps I used on my iPhone, minus a couple are all on Android.

My issue started when I purchased the new Tom Tom Runner GPS watch to track my runs. Great piece of hardware, built in heart rate sensor, sync’s to the web and to all my favourite services including Runkeeper and Strava Running. Comes with a USB connector to charge, and an iOS App to sync your runs from your watch over bluetooth.

But I don’t own an iPhone, and the Android App doesn’t have a release date for an Android App. WHAT!!!! I don’t want to plug in my watch into a computer, especially when I don’t use one at home. Why didn’t Tom Tom put WiFi into the watch and let me sync when I waled in the door. Likely because it was hard to squeeze the module into a watch. But that seems a lot easier than me having to go and buy a desktop PC or a spare iPhone.

Tom Tom, do you really expect iPhone and PC customers to buy your hardware? With 80% of the global Smartphone market on Android, i’m pretty sure they wont buy your watch.