Josh Guest

Managing Director

20th September 2011

Couch to 9km with an iPhone

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I am not a runner, and to the contrary my physical activity in the last 12 months has included small dashes to my car (and I only recently quit smoking). This changed on Sunday when I ran in the Sydney Running Festival Bridge event, a 9km run over the picturesque Sydney Harbour culminating to an amazing finish at the Sydney Opera House.

But it gave me great satisfaction knowing that I achieved this with the help of an iPhone/iPad App that b2cloud built for our client BUPA. The App is appropriately called Ready, Set, Run! and includes 2 key features. The first being a health check where I enter my lack of activity, measurements and lifestyle which then provides me with a recommended goal – a 10km Run with 8 weeks preparation.

This leads to the second feature, the daily running program tailored to any fitness level. The App is friendly to start off with a fruit salad of rest days, slow walks and jogs. The intensity continues to grow to a crescendo of 45 minute runs every second day.

So a quick shout out to the teams at BUPA Health Insurance for driving technology for all Aussies to get active!

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