China blocks social networks

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On the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Chinese officials have blocked the use of most social media sites. These include the likes of Twitter, Flickr, Bing as well as local sites, and

China has had a long history of online censorship, since the introduction of the Golden Shield Project in 1998. Allegedly when important events are on the horizon, the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, will order certain websites to ‘close for maintenance’ in order to control any negative remarks being published.

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  • Josh

    China is now mandating that starting next month, all PC makers must include software on new computer that block content that is deemed “unhealthy”, Reuters reports. The software is called “Green Dam-Youth Escort” and blocks pornography, and other indecent material to protect “young people and allow for orderly development” “>

  • Simon

    This is not so different from Australia’s proposed internet censorship register… Also in Singapore the government telecommunications and privacy laws allow them to legally hack any computer – Dateline reported a couple of years back that this may have been carried out on as many as half of all of Singapore’s ISP users…
    Far more ‘liberal’ countries are taking the same path…

  • Thanks for the post Simon. It seems that censorship is a growing concern globally. The website discusses most internet censorship initiatives around the world.

    News yesterday on wikileaks that China has decided to back down on its built in HDD blocking algorithms.

  • Simon

    The Chinese government also has very strict laws and regulations on newspaper content and circulation within China, and national newspapers are somewhat rare – the government preferring local newspapers – essentially in an attempt to stop national movement of resistance forming against the government. So there’s no reason they wouldn’t treat new media in the same way they treat more traditional media…